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Hives: Information to Protect You and Your Family

Hives: Information to Protect You and Your Family With summer fast approaching kids and adults are spending more time outside, this means that allergies are starting flaring up. In addition to runny noses, and itchy eyes, hives are another affliction of the season. In an effort to help, we thought it best to offer some further information. Hives are a common result of allergic reactions, but since they can be alarming, it can help to learn more about them. At one time or another we all experience a break out of hives on our skin. Usually they are no more than an itchy inconvenience, But, sometimes they can be a symptom of a more serious issue. Uticaria is the technical term for hives and, surprisingly, they affect around 20% of the population. Common causes for hives are: allergies to foods and drugs, insect bites/stings, and infections. In extreme cases they can last for months, but usually their symptoms are short lived, and can be easily treated with antihistamines such as